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Specialized COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Eden is offering these additional services that you can choose to benefit from for extra precaution.

Option 1:

E-spray Technology for Electrostatic Disinfection 

Electrostatic sprays provide a “top to bottom” approach to disinfecting.

This cutting-edge disinfecting technology utilizes positive ions and a disinfecting mist spray to ensure maximum consistent coverage.

Option 2:

Disinfection Service for All “High Touch Areas” 

Our crews are armed with disinfecting wipes and solutions to address all “high touch areas”.

We use CDC approved chemical solutions or wipes to disinfect surfaces and high touch areas more frequently than what your current service dictates.

Option 3:

Top-Notch Commercial Deep Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning your space as a great start in your fight against bacteria.

No matter how big or small your office or facility is, right now is a great opportunity to give it a thorough, deep clean.

Let us do it!

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All workplaces have several “high touch” surfaces that can more readily spread viruses if not properly cleaned and sanitized.

These high touch areas should be cleaned on a daily and nightly basis:
  • Door handles and knobs
  • Light switches
  • Handrails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Restroom stalls and dispensers
  • Vending machines
  • Food preparation surface
  • Breakroom: tables and chairs
  • Microwave, refrigerator and kitchen appliance handles
  • Coffee machines
  • Cabinet and file drawer handles
  • Countertops
  • Front desk and lobby surfaces
  • Conference Room surfaces
Eden also recommends some simple strategies to reduce community transmission of COVID-19. The following steps are recommended to ensure best practices of good hygiene in the workplace:
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available
  • People who are sick should always cover their coughs and sneezes using a tissue or the crook of their elbow; wash your hands after using a tissue to wipe your nose or mouth and then wash your hands.
  • People who are sick are recommended to stay home from work until they are well
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your unwashed hands
  • Use of recommended healthcare approved masks are also additional precautions that can be taken.

Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company


A better working environment

By keeping your office not just clean but professionally spotless, you can ensure greater employee satisfaction and productivity. Rather than navigating around piles of papers or starting wars over break room leftovers, your people will be busy doing the work they were hired to do in a way that’s comfortable for them.


Expertise and experience

Rather than dump the responsibility of cleaning onto a receptionist, in-house cleaner, or an office manager like yourself, go with the pros. They know how to keep things dusted, cleaned, and sanitized in a metered and professional way. By hiring a commercial crew, you’ll have peace of mind and enjoy a deeper kind of clean.


Reliability and consistency

Rather than manage a rotating calendar of employee duties or an in-house employee who takes sick days, needs time off, and might leave for a different job, let your cleaning company manage the ins and outs. When you rely on their team instead of yours, you can be sure that someone will be there at the scheduled time, rain or shine.


Germ evasion

While your employees might tidy their desks and manage their own trash, they’re not thinking about disinfecting surfaces or keeping germs at bay. Your commercial cleaning crew will be all over those high-bacteria areas. Especially during cold and flu season, you’ll be protected from office bugs in the best way possible.


Setting it & forgetting it

When one of your employees’ relatives is called upon as the “office cleaning lady” it can be difficult to set a schedule. Judy, who also grooms dogs, works part-time as an appointment setter, and travels for her third job, might not be available at the cadence your office requires. Instead, go with a seasoned team of cleaners who know when to show up and never default on doing so.

Thousands of Happy Customers

"We use Eden daily for their amazing cleaning services, and they even managed our entire office move. Eden makes my job a million times easier – I highly recommend them!"

Margaret Karl
Office Manager, Nylas

"Eden has been a lifesaver for all types of projects. They've done everything. I know I can always get a quick response when I email my account manager, and I can have a service professional at our office the same day, if needed."

Allie Sheikh
People Operations Manager, Honeybook

"The cleaning was AMAZING... 

By far the best cleaning experience we've ever had. 

Thanks, Eden!"

Harj Taggar
CEO, Triplebyte

"Eden's incredible attention to detail and incredible customer service means you can’t go wrong. My office manager's life is easier, which makes my whole team happier."

James Smith
CEO, Bugsnag

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